Vintage Cam 2G - Record infinite videos in highest resolution (480x320) using your iPhone 2G/3G. Play them back instantly with funny effects or encode and share them with your friends via YouTube or E-Mail. The final solution for iPhone 2G video recording has arrived...

Just like a vintage VCR, you can play back your videos in fast forward or in slow motion. Your voice will turn either to Chipmunk or to a mighty giant.

Or rotate your iPhone to travel back in time. Just one flick and the modern flatscreen TV turns into a TV Set from the past. Completely with washed out colors and snow covering the screen. You and your friends will love it.


  - Record infinitly long videos in the highest resolution possible on 2G/3G (480x320)

  - Amazing Vintage effect when rotating your iPhone

  - Upload your videos straight to YouTube

  - Send videos via email

  - Adjust playback speed.

  - Internal video library to load and store movies.

  - Live preview in vintage mode

Please note, that this app is probably less useful for owners of an iPhone 3Gs because you already have full video capturing capabilities built in!

PS: As some people seem to miss this - please rotate your iPhone by 180 degree to change from vintage to modern mode and vice versa!


Vintage Cam 2G for the iPhone