Face Melter XXL


Face Melter XXL (for iPad) is the latest and most advanced installment of our Face Melter series that was a huge success on the iPhone/iPod Touch (Face Melter was placed #2 in the iTunes Top 100 in November 2008, stayed in Entertainment Top 100 for more than 15 months). 

Face Melter XXL lets you mess around with pictures in high resolution and with up to 3 fingers multi touch gestures. Huge eyes, smiling faces - all available without a cluttering user interface. Just pinch, pull and rotate to see the faces melt away. The underlying technology is one of the most advanced and fast free form deformation engines that is used in current days 2D computer graphics.

FM XXL features a complete keyframe animation system for movie animations of unlimited length. Animations can be played back at various speed and can even be uploaded to YouTube or sent as an .avi file via E-Mail (VLC Player is required for playback). Upload to Flickr and access to the iPads photo library is also available. 
Currently there are around 1.500 images made with Face Melter available on Flickr and YouTube features more than 500 videos that were generated with Face Melter Pro.http://itunes.apple.com/de/app/face-melter-xxl/id364158316?mt=8