Tired of being a non smoker with smoking friends? Tried to quite countless time and it never worked because the urge to inhale was just to strong?

Here is your solution. Electric Smoke for the iPhone features a complete and realistic smoking simulation with physically based computation of smoke and countless statistics that will help you to see the daily benefits of a life without smoking.

Electric Smoke is so realistic, that you won‘t feel the difference between a real cigarette and the iPhone simulation. Well - we‘re still working on the smell :-).

It‘s so realistic - it is even possible to ignite the cigarette by using the Sonic Lighter from Smule. Or light other cigarettes with your already burning cigarette. All that is possible through the phenomenal sonic transmission technology built into Electric Smoke.

But Electric Smoke is also a game - challenge your friends who has the bigger lungs - who can smoke faster and who can smoke more. Without ever fearing for your good health.


    + Realistic, physically based smoke simulation

    + Breath detection through the iPhone Microphone

    + Fantastic Full Screen Anti Aliased 3D Graphics

    + Countless Statistics

    + Ignition of other Apps through sonic transmission

    + Smoke Cigars, Cigarettes or Hand Rolleds

    + Control the smoke through touching the screen.